How to do a handstand with minimal effort

What to loose and what to keep? That question is important when you are clearing out the house but also when you practice handstands. When you start to practice handstands it seems like you need to use EVERY muscle in your body only to stay up for a few seconds. As you get better you… Continue reading How to do a handstand with minimal effort

Learning new movement

I want to start this with a quote from one of my favourite books: “The choreographer’s handbook” by Jonathan Burrows. A book about the creative process, the body and perception. It is made for choreographers but I find the insights can be transferred to many areas of life. He says: “Learning motor skills is emotionally… Continue reading Learning new movement

The inner dialogue of learning

Next time you practice handstands I invite you to pay attention to your thoughts. You may find that your mind is much busier than expected. When I practice I can often observe a dialogue with myself that comments and encourages, evaluates and compares what I do. Sometimes the dialogue refers to the previous moment, sometimes… Continue reading The inner dialogue of learning

Intensive handstand training

Every type of physical activity has its own charm. One of the charms of handstand training is the intensely strenuous, grinding work. Handstand training creates a pumping heat in your body, your muscles burn, you feel the pressure in your joints, and there can be that ill feeling of your body tearing at its seams… Continue reading Intensive handstand training

Developing your own practice

Within everything I teach there is a core principle: Get to know yourself. Know what is good and necessary for you, for your particular body type at this point in your life. Learn how to listen to the repercussions any movement has within your body. Be aware, curious and critical and actively shape your future training.